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Jibran Ijaz
Senior Drupal Developer



Jibran is a telecommunication engineer after working as an engineer for three years he switched to web development and soon started developing Drupal sites. He has been working with Drupal since 2010. He likes problem-solving that's why he loves contributing to Drupal Core and Contrib. He is the top Drupal core contributor from Pakistan. He has more than 450 commit mentions in Drupal 8. He also maintains the Contact and Shortcuts modules in Drupal 8 core. He is the maintainer of several contributed modules for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. He has been working with PreviousNext since 2013.

My blog posts

Introducing Drupal Testing Traits: Drupal extension for testing existing sites

by jibran.ijaz /

Drupal allows writing tests for installation profiles. A profile can have sample content which is created during installation, like umami in Drupal core. Drupal allows writing tests for modules as well. A module can also have sample content which is created during installation or config import.

Drupal Testing Traits allows writing tests for an already installed site. A site with content types and content. You can write tests for the all the pages in your site in different viewports and test user interactions aka JavaScript tests.

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Migrating Drupal 7 File Entities to Drupal 8 Media Entities

by jibran.ijaz /

The Drupal 8.3.x branch is getting ready to introduce a new experimental media module. This will bring enhanced media handling in Drupal 8. The closest solution in Drupal 7 to handle media is the file entity module. Now is the time to discuss migrations from file entity in Drupal 7 to media entities in Drupal 8. For core, there is already an issue for this, but for contrib... there is no migration. So, I wrote one.

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