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Nick Fletcher
Front end Developer



Nick has been working as a web developer for over a decade. Over the years he's built up his skills in many areas of web development. These days he concentrates his efforts mainly on front end code using HTML, CSS, Javascript and SVG to build responsive websites.

My blog posts

Responsive Images for Media Entities in Drupal 8

by nick.fletcher /
Image Styles Breadcrumb

Images on websites can be a huge pain when you are optimizing a site. We want our images to render as crisp as possible but we also want our sites to load as fast as possible. Content creators will often ask "what size image should I upload" and with the thought of some tiny image being rendered at full-screen width pixelated out of control we'll answer "as large as you've got". The content creator will then upload a 2mb jpeg and the load time/network request size will increase dramatically.

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