High Performance Drupal

In Drupal 7 we used Node Hierarchy module to keep track of a hierarchy of pages. Node hierarchy ties directly to the menu system. When getting a list of all ancestors or descendents, it is a O(n) operation, and at least one site we use it on has a lot of nodes in the tree. Performance was terrible.
PreviousNext has worked closely with a large government agency on their public portal for the last few years. As one of the most visited Drupal sites in Australia with more than 7 million page views per month, the agency was seeking higher performance and cost efficiency from their Drupal hosting provider.

In this blog post we will take you though all the components required to provision a high availability Drupal 8 stack on Microsoft Azure. This is an extract from the demonstration given at Microsoft Ignite on the Gold Coast in November 2015.

As part of our sponsorship of the GovInnovate conference, CeBIT conducted an interview with Owen Lansbury about Drupal's role on the Service NSW platform, including how the use of Agile development enabled it to go live in record time and be iteratively improved since launch.

As part of our development and support workflow, we have gradually built up a Continuous Integration (CI) platform to run automated tests and builds. It’s become such an essential part of our ever-growing toolkit that we are now offering it as a service to select customers.

3 PreviousNext developers, Jack Taranto, Christian Biggins & Nick Schuch, deliver a detailed technical insight into the huge development effort that went into NovaFM's new website.

PreviousNext Technical Director, Kim Pepper explains how to effectively manage site deployment and take control of your releases using Capistrano.

Aegir is a hosting system for managing rapid, automated provisioning and ongoing maintenance (upgrades, cloning, destroying) of Drupal sites. Aegir itself is made of Drupal - it consists of a Drupal frontend 'control panel' and a ‘backend’, which makes extensive use of Drush.

Are you a designer or themer with limited understanding of jQuery, javascript programming and / or Drupal theming? This session is for you.