Two of Australia’s most prominent Drupal strategy, design and development companies, Code Drop and PreviousNext, have merged to form a single company with national reach. The merger will see both companies operate under the PreviousNext brand from August 4, with the Code Drop team remaining in their existing Perth offices and working across Western Australian and national projects.

Way back in 2009, PreviousNext built the first major government Drupal portal in Australia for That project became a showcase for how the open source CMS could be successfully adopted by all tiers of government, and helped pave the way for its rapid adoption.

PreviousNext releases a free Drupal CMS platform specifically designed to meet mandatory government website requirements.

PreviousNext offers world-class Acquia Drupal Training courses on-site or as public classes in Australia and New Zealand.

PreviousNext has worked closely with a large government agency on their public portal for the last few years. As one of the most visited Drupal sites in Australia with more than 7 million page views per month, the agency was seeking higher performance and cost efficiency from their Drupal hosting provider.

Since 2012, PreviousNext has been developing and maintaining the aGov distribution for Drupal 7. aGov provides a means for Australian Government organisations to meet their accessibility and security obligations with free and open-source software hosted on the platform of their choice.

For the last five years, tens of thousands of hours have been poured into the the next major release of Drupal: Drupal 8.

In recent months, PreviousNext has been privileged to be part of Microsoft’s APAC Open Source Partner Accelerator program. With Microsoft now providing full support for open source technologies running on the Azure cloud services platform, the partner program has focused on initiatives for PreviousNext to deploy, manage and support customer’s Drupal sites hosted on Microsoft Azure.

We’re pleased to announce the release of the third full version of aGov, the open Drupal CMS for Australian Government websites, available for free download now from