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Agile Project Delivery

Collaborative, transparent and iterative project delivery for even the most complex software projects

We’ve used the Agile Methodology for our project delivery from day one because it fosters high levels of participation with our clients. To be Agile means to be collaborative, transparent and iterative. We believe in this way of delivering your project, so we’ve ensured all our team members are trained and certified as Agile Scrum Masters.

How does Agile work for you? 

We break up large projects into two week cycles (Sprints) where small groups of features and functions are built, tested and released for you to review and approve. Because we test as we go along, the final testing period can be much shorter and more assured. This constant feedback also helps us to refine the requirements and priorities of the project.

Getting to market quicker and on budget is a key advantage of Agile. We focus on the features and functionality identified as priorities: for what will achieve the highest business value. Agile enables us to be nimble in our responses, particularly if challenges occur and specific requirements change during a project.

You won’t be sidelined or kept in the dark, waiting for your project to complete and worrying about any big surprises. With Agile, collaboration and communication ensure knowledge is shared both ways. And location? Thanks to our web-based management and communication tools, geography isn’t a barrier to the achievement of your goals. 

Key to the success of Agile is your inclusion in the project team. As part of the team, you will have access at all times to what is happening, why and when. For your organisation, this ultimately guarantees confidence in what is produced. For us, it creates a constantly evolving team that is based on trust and shared goals. 

To begin your project with the most agile open source team in Australia, simply get in touch today.

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