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Content Sharing

Sharing Content Between Drupal Sites

Share news and events across multiple Drupal sites within your platform

Often large organisations have a need to share content across multiple Drupal sites within their platform. This could be sharing content like news, events, or staff profiles, and can be achieved with creating a central content repository.

PreviousNext has developed shared content repositories for a number of our larger clients, and each was customised to work within the specific workflows of the organisation. These repositories provide an open source alternative to proprietary products like Acquia Content Hub.

The features of a shared content repository are:

  • A single source of all content
  • Centralised publishing/sharing workflow based on user roles
  • Decouples implementation details between sites
  • Allows new sites to be created and start ingesting content.

The following diagram illustrates the high-level architecture:

A simple workflow is as follows:

  • The content is created and tagged with a topic on Site A.
  • The content editor selects the content to be shared, and the site pushes it to the central content repository.
  • Site B is subscribed to receive updates whenever content for the same topic is created.
  • Site B receives the notification, and pulls in the content.

There are a couple of options available when the content is received:

  • Publish immediately
  • Save require manual publishing by a Site C content publisher

This can be configured at the site-level and content type level. Content updates and deletions are also supported.

Drupal 8 is well suited to act as a central content repository, as it has built in support for REST web services, a serialisation component, and can be configured to work with publishing workflows and notifications.

You can also introduce a Search web service such as Apache Solr or ElasticSearch to provide a lookup service for each site. Rather than subscribing to a particular topic, content editors can simply search for the content they wish to import from.

An alternate workflow is to allow content editors to edit content directly in the central content repository. The content editors simply choose the topics that the content belongs to, and the sites subscribe to those topics, and pull in content automatically.

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a hosted content sharing service for your Drupal sites, we’d recommend you start by looking at what you can do with existing Drupal modules and cutting edge cloud services.

Please contact the PreviousNext team if you'd like to find out more about this solution.

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