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The GovCMS Experts

GovCMS is the secure managed Drupal Platform for Government Agencies.

In 2014 the Australian Federal Government implemented a plan to adopt Drupal as the Content Management System (CMS)  for a whole of government website platform. PreviousNext was engaged to adapt the aGov Drupal Distribution for this purpose and proceeded to build the first GovCMS websites on the platform in 2015.

Fast forward five years and GovCMS now runs over 260 websites across 90 government agencies who’ve all moved their websites to the platform to take advantage of its standardised approach to content management, cloud hosting, security and accessibility. GovCMS also established the Drupal Services Panel to make it easier for agencies to engage pre-certified vendors with specific expertise.

As a founding member of this panel, PreviousNext leverages its deep expertise in the GovCMS platform for a wide variety of government clients, providing services that include:

  • Consulting on how clients can utilise GovCMS in the most effective way for their projects.
  • Discovery workshops to determine how requirements can be met by GovCMS’s default  or custom functionality.
  • User Experience Research & Design activities to ensure user needs are met by engaging digital experiences.
  • Drupal expertise to implement GovCMS SAAS sites or custom development for more complex PAAS sites.
  • Ongoing enhancement and support for GovCMS sites once they’re live.

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Please contact the PreviousNext team if you'd like to find out more about this solution.