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Lightning talk - Contributing to Drupal Core without losing your mind

During our weekly developers meeting I spoke about my approach to contributing to Drupal core, sharing some tips and tricks I've learnt along the way

This is a preview of a proposed session for DrupalSouth Melbourne 2015

by lee.rowlands /

Current slides

Posted by lee.rowlands
Senior Developer



Comment by oadaeh


I think you briefly touched on it two or three ways without mentioning it specifically, but to go along with the communication and understanding that sometimes what you say might offend someone else because of the language barrier, something they say might offend you because of that same barrier, without them even knowing they've done it. Keep in mind that Google Translate doesn't always produce acceptable results, and don't retaliate to someone's coment mindlessly.

Comment by lee.rowlands


Yes, I was trying to convey the converse as well - you are correct.