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Drupal Platform Solutions

PreviousNext is Australia's premium Drupal strategy, design and development firm. This section provides an overview of the solutions we provide around the world's most flexible open source web Content Management System (CMS).


We've identified a core set of reasons why Drupal has been adopted by tens of thousands of websites, from individual blogs to massive social media networks, and why it could be the right choice for your online project.

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Wyndham City


From simple websites to complex web platforms, aGov supports the digital transformation of your Government CMS (Content Management System). Head over to to find out more about Australia's most popular Government CMS.

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Queensland Building and Construction Commission
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Content Personalisation

Many organisations wish to offer personalised content and services to their users, with the possible solutions ranging from simple to complex and very expensive. In our experience, there’s definitely no one-size-fits-all approach that is applicable to all clients, so we try and ensure we match the solution that provides the highest business value.

A key consideration when offer personalised content is context, which may include:

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Medical Observer
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Content Sharing

Often large organisations have a need to share content across multiple Drupal sites within their platform. This could be sharing content like news, events, or staff profiles, and can be achieved with creating a central content repository.

PreviousNext has developed shared content repositories for a number of our larger clients, and each was customised to work within the specific workflows of the organisation. These repositories provide an open source alternative to proprietary products like Acquia Content Hub.

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Sport and Recreation
Brand New Media

Digital Asset Management

Organisations with a large amount of media assets (Images, videos, PDFs etc) need a way of storing and processing these centrally to share across multiple websites.

PreviousNext has built DAMs for a number of clients, each customised to work with the specific requirements of the organisation.

Features of a DAM include:

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Case Studies in Digital Asset Management

Sport and Recreation
Queensland Building and Construction Commission


Increasingly organisations are wanting to manage the whole customer experience for every interaction. From online, to phone or email, and even via a physical store.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can play an important role in centralising user interactions, to provide a much more informed and personalised service offering.

Drupal 8 provides a modern framework for integrating with many different 3rd party web services, and can integrate with CRMs easily.

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Australian Conservation Foundation


Many large organisations have the problem of wanting to have consistent look and feel and a common code base, while giving some level of autonomy to multiple independent business units or organisational groups.

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Sport and Recreation
Brand New Media

Document Management

Many organisations use a Document Management System (DMS) such as HP Trim, Documentum, ECM, Sharepoint and Alfresco for managing all their internal documents. This can often be the central repository for PDF or MS Word documents that need to go through document approval workflows. Often some of these documents also need to be shared on the organisation’s public-facing web sites, while using the DMS as the single source of truth.

Drupal is able to integrate with many of these DMS using the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) open standard.

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Case Studies in Document Management

Sport and Recreation
Australian National University


Easy Catalogue Management

By freeing merchants from vendor lock in, they can be confident their new website is an investment that they own entirely, with no other companies owning their code or database. By working with Open Source software, merchants can also be confident that many different developers and agencies have experience supporting their software.
After a short training session, we find most merchants are confident managing their online catalog and accompanying content.

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