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Lee Rowlands
Senior Developer



Lee has 21 years professional development experience with PHP, is a member of the security team and maintains the forum, comment, contact and block content modules in Drupal core along with at least 30 contrib projects. He is also the framework manager for core.

My blog posts

Migrating content from Solr to Drupal

by lee.rowlands /

Taking data from Drupal to Solr is common-place these days with the well-established Apache Solr and Search API Solr modules. But what happens when you need to take data the other way. This article explores migrating legacy data from a Solr Index to Drupal nodes.

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Migrating a Wordpress blog to Drupal whilst importing embedded images and files for use with the Media Module

by lee.rowlands /

One of our clients is in the process of standardizing on Drupal for their various web-presences and micro-sites. This is inline with the ‘One Drupal to rule them all’ phenomenon Dries has written and presented on. In this case the client’s web presence is a mixture of php, Zend applications, Wordpress and various other non-PHP platforms.

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