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Lee Rowlands
Senior Developer



Lee has 22 years professional development experience with PHP, is a member of the security team and maintains the forum, comment, contact, contextual and block content modules in Drupal core along with at least 30 contrib projects. He is also the framework manager for core.

My blog posts

Understanding Drupal 8's plugin system

by lee.rowlands /

Drupal 8 comes with a brand new plugin system. This article provides a high-level overview of both the annotation and hook discovery mechanisms by examining a real world implementation in the form of core's Field API Widgets.

Migrating content from Solr to Drupal

by lee.rowlands /

Taking data from Drupal to Solr is common-place these days with the well-established Apache Solr and Search API Solr modules. But what happens when you need to take data the other way. This article explores migrating legacy data from a Solr Index to Drupal nodes.