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Nick Schuch

Sys Ops Lead



Nick is passionate about both Drupal and Kubernetes. This unique mix of communities has allowed him to work on interesting problems with deployment, scale, and testing.

My blog posts

The DrupalCI results component

by Nick Schuch /

The DrupalCI initiative is geared towards developing tools for the next generation of testing on In the following video I will demonstrate the "Results" component responsible for providing build feedback.

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Architecting DrupalCI at DrupalCon Amsterdam

by Nick Schuch /

At the recent DrupalCon Amsterdam sprints something amazing happened, people from all corners of the globe assembled to sprint on DrupalCI. DrupalCI is an initiative born out of the requirement for new testbot infrastructure. Our goal is to implement a brand new Continuous Integration (CI) workflow that can not only be used for Drupal but anyone wishing to run a CI infrastructure / Automated tasks. Until this point we had only corresponded via a weekly hangout and IRC.

While this was keeping us on track with building out some of the components, the conference gave us an opportunity to sit down in the same room and perform an end-to-end architectural review to ensure we didn't have any gaps. A modular design approach has been used to ensure that many of the following components could be used as a standalone entity in any infrastructure.

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