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Nick Schuch
Sys Ops Lead



Nick is a developer who is passionate about both Drupal and Kubernetes. This unique mix of communities (and languages) has allowed him to work on interesting problems with deployment, scale, and testing.

My blog posts

Learning how to fail (a Drupal CI odyssey)

by nick.schuch /

Over the past year we have gone through many iterations of our CI system, 3 major versions to be exact (not counting minor updates). During this time we have focused on stability, speed and documentation. These are the major changes that we have found make a huge difference.

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Search API Solr Overrides

by nick.schuch /

Maintaining multiple Drupal 7 environments with unique configuration is hard. Maintaining different Solr configuration for these environments is even harder. Enter Search API Solr Overrides; the easier approach.

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An Introduction to Bean Module

by nick.schuch /

Bean stands for Block Entities Aren’t Nodes and provides a new method of displaying content on a Drupal site. Still require some clarification as to what this module provides? I sure did when I first looked at Bean so I will take you through the basics of implementing your own module that takes advantage of Beans. 

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