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Nick Schuch
Operations Lead






Driven and passionate about technology, Nick Schuch is a highly experienced systems administrator who has been involved with the Drupal community for over a decade.

My blog posts

Architecting DrupalCI at DrupalCon Amsterdam

At the recent DrupalCon Amsterdam sprints something amazing happened, people from all corners of the globe assembled to sprint on DrupalCI. DrupalCI is an initiative born out of the requirement for new testbot infrastructure. Our goal is to implement a brand new Continuous Integration (CI) workflow that can not only be used for Drupal but anyone wishing to run a CI infrastructure / Automated tasks. Until this point we had only corresponded via a weekly hangout and IRC.

While this was keeping us on track with building out some of the components, the conference gave us an opportunity to sit down in the same room and perform an end-to-end architectural review to ensure we didn't have any gaps. A modular design approach has been used to ensure that many of the following components could be used as a standalone entity in any infrastructure.

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The future of functional testing in Drupal 8 - Drupalcon Amsterdam

Cameron Zemek (@grom358) and myself got the priviledge of speaking at DrupalCon Amsterdam as a part of the Core Conversation track. This was off the back of the work that we had been doing in core to swap out some of simpletest module with libraries. We were also joined by Konstantin Kudryashov (@everzet) creator/maintainer of the Behat, Mink and PHPSpec projects.

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Drupal continuous integration with Docker

Continuous integration platforms are a vital component of any development shop. We rely on it heavily to keep projects at the quality they deserve. Being early adopters of Docker (0.7.6) for our QA and Staging platform we thought it was time to take our CI environment to the next level!

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Writing a custom Drupal Search API processor

When working with the Search API Drupal module, sometimes we need to programmatically add information that is not available for indexing as a field. Lucky we can write our own custom pre-processor to provide this information to the index.

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The Drupal jack of all trades

Last week I was very fortunate to not only attend, but be the keynote speaker for DrupalCamp Singapore! Here are my take aways and keynote slides.

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Isolate your Drupal sites with Docker and Puppet.

I recently spoke at the Drupal Melbourne meetup about running Puppet and Docker to improve isolation when running multiple sites on the one host. It's alot of work to get setup properly for a remote speaker so I would like to thank the organisers for allowing me to present.

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Embedding Responsive iframes in your Drupal site

Implementing iframe elements can be troublesome for both content editors and developers, that's even before trying to make them responsive. After some recent project work I'm here to tell you there is an easy way to handle them.

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Learning how to fail (a Drupal CI odyssey)

Over the past year we have gone through many iterations of our CI system, 3 major versions to be exact (not counting minor updates). During this time we have focused on stability, speed and documentation. These are the major changes that we have found make a huge difference.

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