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The Drupal jack of all trades

Last week I was very fortunate to not only attend, but be the keynote speaker for DrupalCamp Singapore! Here are my take aways and keynote slides.

by nick.schuch /

The keynote

After being asked to present the keynote at DrupalCamp Singpore I was faced with a big task, what do I talk about? The original idea was to present a "New in Drupal 8" talk, and while I respect that the keynote needed to cover that topic at great length I wanted to give it a bit of, well, me. What I have noticed the most in this iteration of Drupal is the culture change of "home grown" to "proudly invented elsewhere" and as this is something I do every day, the jack of all trades talk was born! The keynote covers all the technologies we have leveraged (each being a took in your "belt") and also covers aspects outside of Drupal 8 where we are using this methodology. The slides for my keynote have been added to the end of this post.

The sessions

Every session was packed, so you had to get in quick for the good seats! I attended sessions ranging from Configuration Management Initiative (D8) to Drupal Deployment Automation using AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Docker. All presentations were well presented and inspired alot of conversation during and after the presentation. The big takeaway for me from this camp was the amount of enthusiam everyone had for Drupal, I was in the lunch lineup and by the time I made it to get my meal I had already answered a dozen questions from another camp attendee ranging from base themes to memory monitoring, Singapore is very enthusiastic! Thankyou for having me!

The slides

Posted by nick.schuch
Sys Ops Lead