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Get ready for the DrupalSouth 2024 Code Sprint in Sydney

As experienced sponsors, we have well-tried tips for enjoying the Sprint and maximising your impact on the Drupal community. Find out how to get involved, why contribution is important and how on-the-day collaboration works.

by kim.pepper /

We’re back! Once again, we're running and sponsoring the Code Sprint, this time at DrupalSouth in Sydney. 

Whether you join us in person or virtually, it's a day where we collaborate to work, learn and contribute to the Drupal open-source project and community.

Getting together this way creates new ideas and initiatives, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Plus, we get to have fun doing it!

When is the Code Sprint?

For full information, check out the DrupalSouth registration form.

How do I get involved?

Registering for the Code Sprint is seamlessly integrated into the DrupalSouth registration process

Attendance is free, and participants of all experience levels are welcome.

Due to its popularity, we advise you to register early and secure your spot!

Participate remotely

Can't be there in person? You won't have to miss out!

Join us virtually through Slack and Zoom to contribute from anywhere worldwide.

Details for connecting remotely will be shared via Slack closer to the event date.

Tell me more about Sprints and why they matter

Drupal is an open-source project reliant on community contributions (from organisations and individuals) to keep it moving forward and improving. 

The Sprint is a focused day of progress, where we achieve tangible results, expertise is recognised and acknowledged, and developers can mentor one another.

Your participation in the Sprint helps to build your contribution levels for the Certified Partner Program

Whether you're a seasoned contributor or new to Drupal Sprints, these recorded sessions from previous events will help you prepare:

Sprints are about more than coding; they're opportunities to connect, discuss common interests, put forward ideas and collaborate on various topics.

Groups will mostly be arranged by topic. e.g. Bug Smash, Media, Drupal 10 porting. Look for a group working on something that interests you, and join in! 

There's no pressure to complete lines and lines of code on the day. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone.


Communication during the Sprint will primarily occur through #drupalsouth-code-sprint in Drupal Slack, with dedicated threads for streamlined discussions.

Follow the instructions for how to join the Australian / New Zealand Drupal community in Slack. 

Can anyone contribute?

Everyone is welcome to contribute on Sprint Day, regardless of technical background. Contribution can take many forms, from coding to issue triaging.

Check out the contributor tasks to discover the ways you can get involved. 

Issue Queue

The Issue Queue has issues tagged with 'DrupalSouth' by other contributors. This is where you can also tag issues to add.

Development environment setup

When it comes to setting up a local development environment for working on Drupal, you have options.

For local development environment setup, our pick is Docker Compose. Follow the instructions for installing Docker Compose on OSX, Windows and Linux.

If you don't already have a local development environment for Drupal contribution, you can set up a starter project using this:

composer create-project mstrelan/drupal-contrib

See the for more details. 

If you're more familiar with DDEV, we recommend you look at DDEV Drupal Contrib.

If you experience any issues, join us on Slack beforehand, and we'll happily answer your questions.

Code of conduct

The Sprint Day adheres to the DrupalSouth Code of Conduct, fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all participants. 


To make the most of the Code Sprint:

We can’t wait to see you there!

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