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Join us at the DrupalSouth Code Sprint

The Drupal open source project only exists because of code contributions by tens of thousands of developers and Drupal focused companies around the world. In his recent post, project founder Dries Buytaert blogged that “The Drupal community has a shared responsibility to build Drupal and that those who get more from Drupal should consider giving more”.

Australia’s contribution to Drupal code is significantly underrepresented, with PreviousNext the only Australian company in the Top 100 contributors listed on’s global marketplace. DrupalSouth represents the best opportunity for a wider pool of Australian Drupal developers to change this status by participating in DrupalSouth's official Code Sprint, being held on Wednesday, 26th October.

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Sponsored by PreviousNext, some of Drupal 8’s most prolific code contributors will be on hand to help you make your dent in the Drupal universe on Wednesday October 26.


So we can make sure we have enough capacity to understand what level of experience you have, we require you to pre-register your attendance via the registration form.

Venue & Schedule

The Code Sprint will be held on Level 2 in DrupalSouth’s conference venue. Directions will be available in the foyer on the day.

The Code Sprint will be held on Wednesday October 26 and officially start at 10am, finishing no later than 5:30pm.

What is a Sprint?

A sprint is an opportunity to get together with other like-minded people and work together on something that interests you. It can be Drupal core issue, a contrib module you want to port, writing documentation, writing tests. Whatever scratches your itch!

Sprints are not just for developers. Bug reporters, QA testers, and documentation editors are all able to contribute. If you want to get involved, then you are welcome to join in.


While co-sprinters at Drupal events are usually always happy to help, the sprint is not a Drupal training event.

There will be a mix of experience levels, and if you are new to Drupal, there will be people at the event who can get you started. The best way to get involved is to find a group of people who all want to work on the same thing, and to help each other.


We recommend following the Drupalcon guide on getting set up before the sprint.
You will need to bring your own laptop, snacks, drinks etc.

What will we be Sprinting on?

The PreviousNext team are involved in a number of core and contrib projects for Drupal 8, including:

  • Default Content
  • Media Entity Browser
  • LDAP
  • Contact Storage
  • Title

Feel free to suggest other projects you’re keen to work on when you register.

Posted by kim.pepper
Technical Director