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PreviousNext are AWS Consulting Partners for Enterprise Drupal Hosting

by Owen Lansbury /

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With a rapidly expanding global infrastructure, Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of websites around the world. PreviousNext are pleased to announce we’re now AWS Consulting Partners and Certified Solution Architects, offering diversity in enterprise-grade Drupal hosting and support for our clients.

This is a welcome addition to PreviousNext's service offering, as it allows us to provide solutions that are completely tailored to the needs of our clients. As AWS Consulting Partners we’re able to offer hosting solutions that are highly flexible, scalable, cost-effective and secure.

With the skills and technical knowledge required for designing, deploying, and operating Drupal applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform, PreviousNext co-founder and Technical Director, Kim Pepper, and SysOps manager, Nick Schuch, recently gained AWS certification. This accreditation contributes to our proficiency with AWS-based applications, allowing us to provide broader hosting options based on the requirements of our clients.

With the AWS Sydney data centre now fully compliant with Australian government regulations, it provides an excellent option for PreviousNext's clients using the aGov open source Drupal distribution

Of the new partnership, Kim Pepper says “We've been working with AWS since PreviousNext formed 7 years ago, and during this time have seen increasing maturity in it's viability for complex Drupal website hosting. AWS features such as auto-scaling EC2 for managing server demand elastically, AWS CloudFront for a content distribution network, and AWS S3 for file storage, are now standard requirements for many organisations. We've been slowing building out our own automation layer on top of AWS to provide a robust and low maintenance hosting platform, and now with the partnership agreement we are confident we have the support of AWS to take our hosting platform to the next level.”

Now members of the AWS Partner Network, you can find PreviousNext listed in the AWS Partner Directory.