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PreviousNext's big Texas lineup at DrupalCon Austin

Robert Caracaus, Kim Pepper, John Albin Wilkins and Boris Gordon selected to present at DrupalCon Austin!

by Lucy Vernon /

Held annually in Europe and North America, DrupalCon is a fundamental element of the Drupal experience and is an event that attracts thousands of people from across the globe. It is an expression of software innovation and commitment to collaboration, producing a companionship and code unmatched by any other tech community.

In his selected session, Build a Drupal-Free Theme with 8’s REST Api and Javascript, Robert Caracaus will question the future of the Drupal theme layer, exploring the use of RESTful Web Services and external Javascript frameworks instead of a core theming system. He will give a basic introduction to REST and Angular.JS and walk through the still experimental steps of creating the tenants of a basic Drupal theme using these technologies.

Kim & Boris’ session, Drupal 8 in a Nutshell, will be for those developers who want to get their hands dirty in Drupal 8 site development but don’t know where to start. This session, which was previously presented with @larowlan at DrupalSouth and at Jam’s (Virtual) Drupal Camp, will explore a range of the most common Drupal Developer tasks, how they were done in Drupal 7 and how they will now be done in Drupal 8, all with code examples. Kim has also been invited to sit on the panel discussion for Drupal Career Trailhead: Embark on a path to success.

Our newest colleague and long-time DrupalCon speaker, John Albin Wilkins, will be presenting two sessions, Managing Complex Projects with Design Components, and his Core Conversation, Twig is Dead, Long Live Web Components!

As Supporting Partners of the Drupal Association and frequent financial sponsors of local Drupal events, PreviousNext places very high value in our team engaging at a global level with the Drupal community. In addition to our speakers, other PreviousNext team members will also include Client Services Director, Jason Coghlan, our Community Engagement Director, Donna Benjamin and DevOps team member, Peter Lieverdink. Donna will be attending the Drupal Association Board meeting in her capacity as a sitting board member, and providing her usual community enthusaism throughout the event.

DrupalCon will be held from June 2-6 in the Austin Convention Centre in Texas and the PNX team will be attending for the full duration of the event and code sprints.

If you’d like to meet up with the PreviousNext team in Austin, just connect on Twitter with @RobertCaracaus, @kimb0oo (Kim), @boztek (Boris), @JohnAlbin@jasoncoghlan, @kattekrab (Donna) and @cafuego (Peter).



Posted by Lucy Vernon