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Vue 3 for React developers and vice versa

by lee.rowlands /

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Which do you prefer, React or Vue 3? Watch the video to discover their many commonalities and follow code examples for translating one concept to the other.

React, and Vue developers can benefit from learning and understanding each other's frameworks, discovering the similarities and transferable skills between the two.

In the video, I look at comparable React and Vue 3 code, directly comparing and contrasting along the way:

  • Hello World
  • Mounting your application
  • Props - definition
  • Props - passing values
  • Child elements
  • Control structures - conditionals
  • Control structures - loops
  • State
  • Events
  • Styling
  • Data binding
  • Data fetching
  • Global state management
  • Dom references
  • Component lifecycle

And if you want to know more about the origins of Vue and React, I recommend you watch the Honeypot documentaries on YouTube.

What’s your preference and why? Watch the video and let me know! 

larowlan #australia-nz / 

Watch the video

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