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Consolidating Multiple Government Websites

Transport for NSW is responsible for planning, strategy, policy and procurement across all modes of transport in NSW, including roads, rail, ferries and light rail. We came onboard as the department's Drupal build partner to develop a new Drupal 8 platform that consolidates myriad websites across the organisation.

Transport for NSW
Transport for NSW Desktop Feature Image


With thirty different Transport websites, a great deal of overlapping content and a corporate website that wasn’t delivering a quality customer experience, the department commissioned us to build a new platform based on Drupal 8 to consolidate and streamline their online properties. The large collection of sites would also require a unified authoring experience and a single cloud hosting provider.

Transport for NSW Case Study Image

The Solution

Utilising Agile with a blended team of department staff and our developers, the corporate website was built and delivered in Drupal 8. The new Transport for NSW website offers content design and flexibility, robust search functionality and a dynamic style guide. It is much more customer-focused and intuitive, aided by a simpler navigation schema and surfacing relevant content. Whilst they’re a part of the same department, the corporate and passenger information sites are now clearly distinguishable in style and layout, thus resolving one of the major customer complaints of confusion between the two. 

From an infrastructure perspective, we enabled the department to focus on their continuous integration (CI) and deployment strategy by modernising their infrastructure for the CI pipeline in addition to planning for automated deployments. 


We delivered the new corporate website within budget and on time for launch within a strict deadline. Since launch, we have continued to manage the support and enhancements of the website and continues to deliver related projects.