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I2S - Australian National University

Drupal 7 Website Redesign

In 2013, PreviousNext was approached by the Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S) discipline at the Australian National University, Canberra, for the redesign and upgrade of their website.


With their existing site built in Drupal 6, the Integration and Implementation Sciences team wanted to move their site content to Drupal 7 and make critical improvements to the user interface. PreviousNext were to assist in re-creating I2S as an intellectual hub that provides a home for compiling and further developing relevant concepts and methods, and an avenue for transmitting them between teams working on different problems.


Phase one of the project was the Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration of the I2S site. Phase 2 focussed on user interface design and information architecture, and primarily involved the design of a new homepage and the refactoring of resources in the back-end. Considerable enhancements were also made to interactivity through the introduction of a new video, feature adds on the homepage and the integration of links to various resources.


PreviousNext led the user interface design and have created an environment and structure that will assist information sharing between researchers, especially enabling them to share skills, concepts and methods, as well as build new strategies for their own work. The new I2S site was successfully launched midyear 2014 and the engagement with PreviousNext continues in the form of ongoing site maintenance.