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That’s (almost!) a wrap at DrupalSouth!

by fiona.crowson /

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We’ve summarised the presentations from more PNXers today. Don’t forget, DrupalSouth may have wrapped up, but we’ll still be here for the Code Sprint tomorrow!

DrupalSouth has been a wonderful opportunity to get together with the Drupal community; to share, listen and learn. 

The conference has also been a chance for our remote-working team to catch up in person in the beautiful city of Wellington!

Flying into Wellington
View of Wellington
PreviousNext team dinner in Wellington
PreviousNext team do the Skyline Walk


Day Two sessions

The first PNXer on stage this morning was Michael Strelan. He laid out the journey we can take along the road to zero friction testing. He began by looking at Drupal Test Traits: writing them, sharing them with your team and building a reusable library. He cautioned us to be mindful of performance, to seek opportunities to speed up builds and avoid javascript tests where possible. And write the tests! 

Michael Strelan's DrupalSouth 2023 session

After lunch, we saw Saul Willers and Nick Schuch both present their sessions.

Saul covered four lesser-known areas of Search API (SAPI), positing that when SaaS search offerings are too costly for your needs, or you’re hitting feature limits, implementing your own custom search stack can overcome these challenges.

He also looked at Facets, which are commonly used for narrowing results through filters and are well supported in SAPI via the Facets module. Using a client case study, he shared how the PreviousNext team discovered a lesser-known Solr feature that surfaces all options even when facets are applied.

Saul Willer's DrupalSouth 2023 session

Meanwhile, another impressive presentation was underway from Nick Schuch, who presented a case study for building a cloud-native platform. He took the audience through a deep dive into Skpr’s many iterations over the years, leading it to become the platform it is today. This included the challenges of–and solutions for–keeping on top of rapidly developing technology.

Nick Schuch's DrupalSouth 2023 session

But wait, there’s more!

The DrupalSouth conference may have come to a close, but we’re not finished there.

We’re looking forward to a day of open-source contribution, collaboration and mentoring at the Code Sprint tomorrow!

All the details you need are in our Code Sprint blog post, including the timings, the venue and how to join remotely.

We hope to see you there, or we will catch you at the next DrupalSouth!

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