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The Bundaberg Boys

Two gun developers in Queensland have helped broaden PreviousNext's Drupal security and administration expertise over the past year.

by Owen Lansbury /

Lee Rowlands and Nick Schuch joined PreviousNext in mid 2012 from their base by the beach in Bundaberg, Queensland, after working together in Lee's boutique Drupal consultancy, the Rowlands Group. With a focus on web and mobile development, Lee and Nick provided custom Drupal module development, custom theming, project rescue and full site builds to local and international clients through the Rowlands Group.

After a brief stint subcontracting to PreviousNext as The Rowlands Group, both Lee and Nick took up an offer to become permanent employees and play a key role in the company's deepening of specialist Drupal services. PreviousNext's distributed team processes and tools also meant the duo could continue to work from their shared studio space in Queensland. 

Lee says, "Having been familiar with PreviousNext's work through the role they actively play in the Australian Drupal Community, Nick and I were thrilled to come on board with such a talented team." The duo officially joined PreviousNext in April 2012 and have been integral in the success of Drupal websites for Health Direct Australia,  SBS, University of Technology, Sydney and NovaFM.

Lee has long been one of Australia's leading contributors to Drupal, and his expertise in Drupal security best-practices was an ideal match for PreviousNext's complex Drupal projects. Since joining PreviousNext, this has led to Lee being officially appointed to Drupal's security team, the dedicated group that oversee all of Drupal's security issues. This means PreviousNext has a seat at the table with the world's leading Drupal security experts, the first and only Australian firm currently holding this status.

Nick's background in Drupal System Administration has also bolstered the company's expertise in that field and has proved invaluable for PreviousNext's clients who have their websites hosted on increasingly complex infrastructure.

"Lee and Nick quickly became invaluable members of the team, and it's been fantastic to see them share their expertise through the year via the PreviousNext blog and at DrupalCon Sydney" said Technical Director and PreviousNext co-founder, Kim Pepper.

Posted by Owen Lansbury
Co-Founder & Chair