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Drupal Community

Keeping the engine running in uncertain times

Like many companies, PreviousNext didn't expect the Coronavirus crisis to hit so hard or quick, nor did we anticipate the rapid effects on the global economy. However, we have always run our company based on sustainable principles, so feel well prepared to deal with what's coming over the next few months. We hope sharing our approach might help others weather the coming storm too!

PreviousNext's Open Source Contribution Policies and Initiatives for the Drupal Community

PreviousNext builds open source digital platforms for large scale customers, primarily based on Drupal and hosted using Kubernetes, two of the world’s biggest open source projects. With our business reliant on the success of these open source projects, our company is committed to contributing where we can in relation to our relatively small size. We get a lot of questions about how we do this, so are happy to share our policies so that other organisations might adopt similar approaches.

PreviousNext speakers at DrupalGov Canberra 2017

The PreviousNext team are gearing up for our annual pilgrimage to DrupalGov Canberra, being held on Monday March 27 at the QT Hotel. With more than 200 tickets already sold, the conference is set to be one of the largest Drupal events in the Southern Hemisphere and a testament to how significant Drupal is now within the Australian Government.

Our year of giving back

One of the best things about running a sustainable company is our ability to give back to Drupal, our community and the environment, and this year has been no different.

Drupal 8 Accelerate

PreviousNext helps drive the push towards the release of Drupal 8, with financial support for the Drupal Association and our team members providing development expertise.