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Drupal 8 Accelerate

PreviousNext helps drive the push towards the release of Drupal 8, with financial support for the Drupal Association and our team members providing development expertise.

by Owen Lansbury /

Following the release of the Drupal 8 beta last October, the push has been on to reduce the number of critical bugs in the lead up to a full release. This effort has been driven at code sprints around events like the recent DrupalSouth Melbourne, and by the effort of individual contributors.

The Drupal Association has now stepped in to assist with this effort in the form of the Drupal 8 Accelerate program, where financial grants are being provided directly to developers to solve critical issues. Half the funding is coming from anchor donors like PreviousNext to then be matched by the Drupal Association, and we're proud to have just contributed 2% of this total in the form of a USD$2500 (AUD$3275) donation. These funds will then be directed towards initiatives being driven by the Drupal 8 maintainers, alongside requests from the community at large.

While the PreviousNext development team is already provided with up to 20% of their working hours to contribute to Drupal, two of our team have been engaged to assist with the program - Nick Schuch to join the Drupal CI Sprint in Portland, and Lee Rowlands to review critical performance and security patches.

We're hoping other Australian companies will see the value in supporting this initiative and donate via the Drupal 8 Accelerate campaign site »

Posted by Owen Lansbury
Co-Founder & Chair