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Introducing the Display Suite Chained Fields module for Drupal 8

Need a way to mix fields from referenced entities with regular fields from managed display?

Then the Display Suite Chained Fields module might be for you.

by lee.rowlands /

So how do you go about using the module?

Step 1: Enable a display suite layout for the view mode

To use the chained fields functionality, you must enable a display suite layout for the view mode. Select a layout other than none and hit Save.

Screenshot showing how to go about enabling a layout

Step 2: Enable the entity reference fields you wish to chain

To keep the manage display list from being cluttered, you must manually enable the entity reference fields you wish to show chained fields from. For example, to show the author's picture, you might enable the 'Authored by' entity reference field, which points to the author. After you've enabled the required fields, press Save.

Screenshot showing enabling the fields for chaining

Step 3: Configure the chained fields as required

Finally, just configure the chained fields as normal.

Screenshot showing chained fields available for configuration

That's it - let me know your thoughts in the comments or the the issue queue.

Posted by lee.rowlands
Senior Developer



Comment by 2pha


Project page 404 ?

Comment by lee.rowlands


Fixed - thanks

Comment by lee.rowlands


Yes, but that only lets you pick a single field, this lets you pick each field on the referenced entity that allows view configuration. In the screenshot, you can see there are multiple fields from course exposed.

Comment by John


I don't use Display Suite myself, but I think this is quite a powerful feature for Site builders doing so. Nice job!

Comment by Adrian83


Excellent concept!

So, I guess the current alternative in core would be to configure a view mode on the referenced entity and display rendered entity for the reference field itself. But your module allows builders to mix and match fields from the referenced entity with fields from the referencing entity in an easy to use way.

I wonder if this concept could simplify Drupal Commerce 2.x layouts?

Comment by lee.rowlands


It should work for any entity type

Comment by _benjy


Nice module Lee, I like it!

Comment by J-F Bohemier


Wonderful! That's a great module! 👍

Comment by Fahad


Awsome. I was looking for this functionality for quite some time. Just want to know if it is stable enough to be used in production site ??

Comment by lee.rowlands


I will provide an update path, as I'm using it on a client site.

Comment by Hamza


That's a great module, much appreciated.

Comment by Fahad Ur Rehman


Simply a lifesaver.