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The Pitchburgh Diaries - decoupled Layout Builder Sprint 3 & 4 ✨ with demo ✨

by lee.rowlands /

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Welcome to the second edition of Pitchburgh Diaries, a fortnightly update on our progress as we work on our plan for a decoupled Layout Builder using React.

Last fortnight's edition

This fortnight we've been focused on completing the API/persistence layer finalized and solidifying the APIs for the front-end components.

But before we get into the details, here's a demo of work so far ✨

Highlights of deliverables for this fortnight:

  • Finalised the API
  • Added an API for React Widget components plus a Widget manager
  • Added a settings tray
  • Added support for settings form to React Block components
  • Added a document outline with drag and drop support
  • Added a footer component that shows breadcrumbs
  • Plain text widget
  • Rich text widget powered by CKEditor
  • Edit and select document modes
  • Drag and drop to add new section or block

Our next steps are:

  • Finalise documentation and release the front end code so others can start contributing widgets/formatters/blocks and layouts
  • Make sidebar panes (left and right) pluggable as an extension point
  • Implement save in the front-end (with autosave on idle)
  • Implement block/region restrictions in front-end (aka Layout Builder restrictions support) - this already exists in the API.
  • Support settings tray for section plugins
  • Wire up to Drupal using drupalSettings and plugin definitions
  • Undo/Redo support

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