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Report from Drupal Camp Islamabad

After Drupal Camp Lahore and Drupal Camp Islamabad earlier this year, I was once again inivited to Drupal Camp Islamabad to present a session on Drupal 8 as a framework.

by Jibran Ijaz /

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is 4-5 hours drive away form Lahore (where I currently live) so I have to get up early to reach Drupal Camp. A long drive on a weekend was perfect time out for me. I made a lot of friends at the last two camps so catching up with them was a really good idea, and if you are learning, discussing, teaching and talking about Drupal in all that then it's an icing on the cake.

At previous camps, I presented sessions on What is new in Drupal 8. As a growing Drupal community, there were a lot of questions related to site development, so for this camp I planned a more interactive session, in which I discussed stuff related to site development, hence the topic of my session was Drupal 8 as a framework.

Posted by Jibran Ijaz
Senior Drupal Developer


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