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Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Taking Taronga Zoo Mobile

Taronga Conservation Society Australia (TCSA) is a Government foundation that consists of Taronga Zoo, Sydney, and Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo. In late 2013, PreviousNext were engaged by TCSA to help move their existing website from Drupal 6 to 7 and to assist with the Drupal development and theming of the new site.


With their original website built in Drupal 6, Taronga Conservation Society wanted to move their site across to Drupal 7 and with over 1000 pieces of content, this was no small task. In addition to this migration, TCSA wanted a complete overhaul of the site design and required expertise in responsive mobile theming.

As a content-driven site, Taronga found that users were finding it hard to navigate to the right information and wanted to implement a design that would engage users and enable them to access the information they require with ease and efficiency.


Having extensive experience working closely with internal web teams within large organisations, PreviousNext integrated with Taronga’s internal team, engaging not only in a consultative capacity but also with hands-on development and guidance.

This collaborative approach allowed us to guide the team at Taronga on appropriate infrastructure and architectural strategy through to development techniques and implementation of front-end design. We supported their development team through the migration of their existing content to Drupal 7 and created a responsive, mobile compatible theme for the new Taronga website, implementing a clean and modern design with simple navigation the key.


PreviousNext supported the internal team at Taronga up until the launch of their website which is now hosted and managed internally. Following the launch of the main site, PreviousNext also worked with other in-house teams at TCSA and took over a majority of the front-end theming and development to deliver their campaign-based site, Fish for Good, launching this high profile project within a tight timeframe.