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Wyndham City

A Host of New Features to Improve User Experience

In late 2015, Wyndham City, a local government organisation based in the south-west region of Melbourne, undertook a competitive tender selection for the redevelopment of their website and chose PreviousNext to deliver this new site on Drupal.


Wyndham City wanted to migrate their site onto the Drupal content management system, requiring a more intuitive, well designed and searchable website that would provide easy access to information and online services for their residents and ratepayers.


Commencing the project in early 2016, PreviousNext took an agile approach to redeveloping the Wyndham City website in within a very tight timeframe, launching in July 2016. PreviousNext worked collaboratively with the Wyndham City team to develop a new content architecture and site design as well as prototyping functionality and setting up the platform to deploy content early and throughout the project to meet launch deadlines. 


Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud hosting platform, the new and fully responsive Wyndham City website has been very well received by users. As one of our first Drupal 8 projects, PreviousNext used what we learned to contribute back to Drupal 8 where core, or contributed functionality, needed further enhancement to meet requirements. We provided Wyndham City with a very efficient and cost effective method of making the move to Drupal and our engagement continues in the form of support and ongoing enhancements to the site.