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Driving website revenue in five sprints

Our government client required an upgrade to its Drupal website platform, seeking additional security. A primary outcome lay in improving how they processed revenue-generating event bookings and using the NSW Government Design System to present a consistent visual experience. We were able to help them meet their unique requirements, both quickly and within a tight budget–cemented by ongoing support and hosting through Skpr.

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  • Upgrade to Drupal 9
  • Rapid and lean development
  • Utilising NSW Government Design Standards
  • Integration with third-party booking system
  • Managed hosting solution - Skpr


  • Up-to-date site security profile
  • Look consistent with NSW Government sites
  • Ability to develop site to unique needs
  • Improved automated event bookings
  • Reliable, secure hosting and support

Why these deliverables?

Ensuring the site is secure gives users peace of mind and fulfils the position of trust that all NSW Government sites hold. Providing visitors with a visually seamless experience also demonstrates the joined-up nature of all departments in NSW. 

Our client is simultaneously able to manage their site according to their unique operational needs whilst also benefiting from ready-to-go design building blocks. Improving their event booking system helps by saving time and increasing revenue.


With NSW Government websites now following a Design System, our client needed to balance its unique requirements and operations whilst achieving a consistent look and feel. Initially built by our team, this government site was due for an update. Drupal 7 was nearing its end of life, causing security concerns. 

Changes were also needed to improve their events booking system. With NSW Government websites now following a Design System, this department needed to balance its unique requirements and operations whilst achieving a consistent look and feel.

The question was: how to achieve these goals on a budget?


Upgrade to Drupal 9

This upgrade plays an important role in keeping the site secure. It also provides useful CMS functionality, such as preview pages for people without a CMS login.

Importantly, it has improved the user experience–by giving our client the tools it needs to communicate information more effectively. Key differences in the new site include mobile responsiveness, which provides site visitors access using the device they prefer.

Rapid and lean development

Taking just five sprints to complete, this lean approach was made feasible by the client web team taking on the task of populating content and digital assets into the site.

Design System

Using the NSW Government Design System provides a convenient baseline for all state government departments to work from. Beyond the consistent look, this department can still meet its unique requirements– building on top and customising as it needs.

Another client who used the NSW Government Design System is the NSW Department of Customer Service.

Booking system integration

Using Drupal 9 provides seamless integration for our client's third-party booking system. This has given valuable time back to administration staff by automating the booking process and has augmented the department's ability to drive revenue via its website. We were also able to help by redesigning the event pages–creating clear, searchable pathways to the events users need.

An illustration representing mobile and tablet views of the site

Hosting on Skpr - A NSW Government favourite

We were not only able to help our client by quickly generating a new site, but we have also been able to provide them with a hosting package–via our managed cloud solution, Skpr. This keeps them supported and up to date on a hosting platform that is preferred by the NSW Government.

We also provided them with further efficiencies, as the hosting package provides a single point of contact for all SysOps and hosting communications.


This site redevelopment has successfully addressed our client's key security, revenue generation and usability concerns. The result is a site that conforms to the NSW Government Design System, whilst also aligning with this department's own brand and functionality requirements.

Significantly though, we were able to achieve their goals in just five sprints and on a budget. It demonstrates what is possible for all Government agency sites with specific offerings–and the efficiencies that can be gained from building with shared components.

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