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Adam Bramley
Senior Developer



Hailing from the land of the long white cloud, Adam has been working with Drupal since 2010 and has extensive expertise working with the public sector and higher education.

My blog posts

Building an API with GraphQL

by adam.bramley /

Why design an API from the ground up with GraphQL? Why not use JSON:API? Watch the video to find out, with a live demo of the Mentally Healthy Workplaces platform.

Decoupled OpenSearch: A Case Study

by adam.bramley /

Watch the video to learn how our team leveraged a highly available AWS OpenSearch service fronted by React to build lightning-fast, dynamic search interfaces backed by Drupal using Search API.

Migrate from drush_cmi_tools for Drupal 9

by adam.bramley /

Prior to Drupal 9, Drush CMI Tools was our standard approach for config management. Drush CMI tools have been deprecated for Drupal 9 and replaced by the Config Ignore 3 community-supported project that provides the same functionality.

How to debug Redis Exceptions in Drupal

by adam.bramley /

Caching issues can be one of the hardest things to track down in a website. This is especially the case when you have external caches involved that can't be entirely replicated on a local stack, like AWS's ElastiCache Redis in clustered mode!

How to fix WebDriver HTTP error 400 Bad Content-Length

by adam.bramley /

It's a Monday morning and you push your first bit of code for the week. Suddenly all your Javascript tests start failing with crazy errors you've never seen before! And it's not just happening on one project! This post will hopefully help you track down the fix to the Bad Message 400 errors plaguing WebDriver.

Update to Drupal core 8.4, a step by step guide

by adam.bramley /

Drupal 8.4 is stable! With 8.3 coming to end of life, it's important to update your projects to the latest and greatest. This blog will guide you through upgrading from Drupal core 8.3 to 8.4 while avoiding those nasty and confusing composer dependency errors.

Component based design with Paragraphs and Field formatters

by adam.bramley /

A common problem that I’ve faced, particularly in the last few years, is how to deliver the complex, component driven design that clients want while also giving content authors full flexibility with those components without creating an un-maintainable, or brittle product.