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Daniel Phin






Daniel is a back-end Drupal developer based in Perth, Australia. He has been developing with Drupal for over 12 years.

My blog posts

Adding real-time processing to QueueWorker plugins

Projects no longer need to rely on unpredictable processing time frames. The SM project can intercept legacy Drupal @QueueWorker items and insert them into the Symfony Messenger message bus, effectively giving existing core and contrib queue workers jobs real-time processing capabilities.

by daniel.phin /

Automatic message scheduling and replacing hook_cron

Symfony Scheduler provides a viable replacement to hook_cron wherein messages can be scheduled for dispatch at a predefined interval. Messages are dispatched the moment they are scheduled, and there is no message duplication, making tasks more reliable and efficient.

by daniel.phin /

A modern alternative to Hooks

This post introduces a completely new way of implementing Drupal hooks. You can finally get rid of your .module files, eliminating many calls to \Drupal with dependency injection in hooks.

by daniel.phin /