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Fonda Duffy
Head of Agile Delivery



With industry experience in IT and Digital, Fonda has worked for some of Australia’s largest corporations leading projects, facilitating workshops, building extensive stakeholder management experience and coaching / mentoring high-performing teams in both the public and private sectors.

My blog posts

How much does a polar bear weigh?

by fonda.le /

Check out my video for the polar punchline! Icebreakers are an invaluable tool for building and strengthening relationships. But they’re also something people dread or stay away from. I’m going to change your mind and show you the true potential of icebreakers. 

Benefits of an Introvert Scrum Master

by fonda.le /

Introverts can be misunderstood. Watch the video of my DrupalSouth 2017 presentation to discover the hidden advantages of leaders who are perceived to be 'reserved'.