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Rikki Bochow
Front end Developer






Rikki is passionate about Accessibility, Usability and creating performant user interfaces and Design Systems for both the Education and Public sectors. She has a formal education in Graphic Design and loves working with modern CSS, Javascript and PHP. Rikki maintains several modules on, and has been an active member in the Drupal community since 2010.

My blog posts

Goodbye Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer retires next month (June 15th). It’s well and truly time for you to stop supporting it on your website for any current and future development (you have already, I hope).

by rikki.bochow /

Using the new Media Library in Drupal 8.6

Drupal 8.6 has shipped with the Media Library! It’s just one part of the latest round of improvements from the Media Initiative, but what a great improvement! Being brand new it’s still in the “experimental” module state but we’ve set it up on this website to test it out and are feeling pretty comfortable with its stability.

by rikki.bochow /

Removing jQuery from your Drupal theme

In a previous article Using ES6 in your Drupal Components, we discussed writing our javascript using the modern ES6 methods and transpiling down for older browsers. It still used jQuery as an interim step to make the process of refactoring existing components a little easier. But let's go all the way now and pull out jQuery, leaving only modern, vanilla javascript.

by rikki.bochow /

Automate your Drupal accessibility testing with aXe and NightwatchJS

Automated accessibility tools are only one part of ensuring a website is accessible, but it is a very simple part that can catch a lot of really easy to fix issues. Issues that when found and corrected early in the development cycle, can go a long way to ensuring they don’t get compounded into much larger issues down the track.

by rikki.bochow /