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Building Sites & Systems - Aegir: Skynet for Drupal

Aegir is a hosting system for managing rapid, automated provisioning and ongoing maintenance (upgrades, cloning, destroying) of Drupal sites. Aegir itself is made of Drupal - it consists of a Drupal frontend 'control panel' and a ‘backend’, which makes extensive use of Drush.

by mig /

Here PreviousNext System Administrator Miguel Jacq explains:

  1. The basics of using Aegir 
  2. How to upgrade your site(s) 
  3. How to go berserk with step 2 using automated tools such as Jenkins, Git and Fabric
  4. How to extend Aegir itself with basic add-ons / an overview of the current Aegir contrib space
  5. A quick roadmap overview of where Aegir is and where it's going

Posted by mig
Dev Ops


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