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Conference Presentations

PreviousNext speakers at DrupalGov Canberra 2017

by Owen Lansbury /

The PreviousNext team are gearing up for our annual pilgrimage to DrupalGov Canberra, being held on Monday March 27 at the QT Hotel. With more than 200 tickets already sold, the conference is set to be one of the largest Drupal events in the Southern Hemisphere and a testament to how significant Drupal is now within the Australian Government.

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DrupalCon Dublin 2016: Confessions of a control freak

by Jason Coghlan /

I recently attended DrupalCon Dublin where I spoke about being a less controlling project manager. Having experienced a shift some years ago to a more agile way of working, it’s a topic I was keen to explore.

In my talk I outlined how implementing a model of centralised control on a project is not a healthy approach. I discussed how it may be one of the main contributing factors that can lead to projects becoming quite challenged, or even failing altogether. 

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Style-Guide-Driven Development: the new web development

by john.albin /

If you’ve looked at front-end development at any time during the past four years, you know that there has been an explosion of new technologies. We are inundated with new projects like bower and cucumber and behat and KSS. It is a lot to take in. At the past two Drupalcons there have been sessions about this overload, My Brain is Full: The state of Front-end developement. Essentially those sessions are asking “What the hell is going on?”

“Everyone is describing the one little piece they’ve created, but don’t explain (or even reference!) the larger concepts of how all of these elements link together.” — Frank Chimero, July 2014 Designer News AMA

This is my attempt to explain.

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UX in the kitchen: An introduction to UX Spaces

by chris.skene /

User Experience is a much misunderstood discipline. For a start, in software and web development, we generally think of it as a design task, for design wonks, or some kind of process prior to real development where we determine some user needs or requirements. In particular, within web development, user experience is treated either as a step in a process, or a specialised skill, but almost never as a holistic development vision.

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