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DrupalCon Sydney - Rethink Your Requirements

Requirements often come with technical implications, without regard for the platform that will be used - or even for the system's users and what they might want. Meeting strictly written requirements can lead to an over-engineered and over-priced solution.

by pameeela /

Don't let requirements undermine Drupal's strengths by being too prescriptive about the approach. You can re-frame the requirements to leverage what Drupal does well, instead of trying to work around its weaknesses to build a custom, complex product.

Beyond improving the technical outcome, writing Drupal-y requirements can help avoid misunderstandings. The intent of a requirement is to establish business value - not to tell you how to build something.

This session targets those on the delivery end of Drupal and will look at how to achieve useful requirements to establish a mutually understood goal. Then you can build it - the Drupal way!


Posted by pameeela
Client Service Manager



Comment by Alpay


I could not find the cited pdf
The requested page "/sites/default/files/blog/files/Re-think%2520Your%2520Requirements%2520v2.pdf" could not be found.


Comment by pameeela


Hi Alpay, thanks for pointing that out, I have fixed the link.


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