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New in core: a layout builder for Drupal 8.5.0

Drupal 8.5.0 will come with a new experimental module, Layout Builder.

What is layout builder? Well its basically panelizer in core.

Watch the screencast for a quick run down of how to setup, configure and use it.

by lee.rowlands /

Posted by lee.rowlands
Senior Developer



Comment by Al@Mu


Love the video, this functionality feels essential to moving away from some of the d7 sites i've built before.. excellent. Quick question though- do you envisage it working with editable fields (like panels did)?

Comment by lee.rowlands


You mean like 'Quick Edit', I guess so

Comment by Shane


Great to see this project a really good page builder is badly needed for Drupal - looks like a very good start, well done Lee.

Not sure if you are familiar with the layout builder and visual composer build by NikaDevs (a theme company) but you could do a lot worse then having a look at their approach, it's a very good page builder - which they ave on all their themes.