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PreviousNext at DrupalSouth Sydney 2024

by fiona.crowson /

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We've compiled a list of PNXers who'll be running sessions at DrupalSouth Sydney — alongside a great line-up of speakers. We can't wait to see you there!

The conference is just around the corner, running from Wednesday, 20th March and finishing up with the Code Sprint on Friday, 23rd March.

Several of our PreviousNext colleagues will be presenting over the two days in Sydney, so here’s a summary of what you can expect to hear.

Images of all PNX speakers for DrupalSouth 2024

Make upgrading easier for your module users

Speaker: Kim Pepper

Time: Wednesday 20th March 12:15-12:45
Room: Main Ballroom
Track: Drupal Development

The Drupal major version release cycle is every 2 years. There is a lot of frustration out there for users who find the process cumbersome and confusing. As module maintainers, how do we make it easier for our users to upgrade?

See Kim's session in the DrupalSouth schedule

How to stay sane while building a large-scale university website. An overview of the project

Speaker: Griffyn Heels and Nathan Greenway, Bond University

Time: Wednesday 20th March 14:30-15:00
Room: Doric
Track: People & Culture

From kick-off in late 2021 to launch in November 2022, Bond University and PreviousNext teamed up to rebuild It was an adventure filled with victories, challenges and sprint planning sessions. 

Join Nathan Greenway, Head of Enterprise Application Services at Bond University and Griffyn Heels, Agile Delivery Manager at PreviousNext, as they discuss the ‘year that was’ from their own perspectives - technical and non-technical.

See Griffyn and Nathan's session in the DrupalSouth schedule

Patterns for Local Development Environment Nirvana

Speaker: Nick Schuch

Time: Thursday 21st March 13:15-13:45
Room: Main Ballroom
Track: Drupal Development

PreviousNext has been on a journey toward local development nirvana for a decade and
built up a list of patterns along the way.

This talk will provide attendees with a set of actionable patterns to improve their local
development environment workflow.

See Nick's session in the DrupalSouth schedule

From Zero to Hero with Docker Contexts: Your Practical Guide!

Speaker: Karl Hepworth

Time: Thursday 21st March 14:00-14:15 (Lightning talk)
Room: Corinthian
Track: Web Tools & Complementary Technologies

In this talk, we explore the state of Docker for local development, its alternatives in detail, and how each would work with your workflow. We will also explore the architecture of each of these solutions.

See Karl’s session in the DrupalSouth schedule

Nice Things™️ for Front end devs with Storybook, Vite, Twig and Drupal

Speaker: Lee Rowlands

Time: Thursday 21st March 14:15-14:30 (Lightning talk)
Room: Corinthian
Track: Web Tools & Complementary Technologies

With the release of Vite Plugin Twig Drupal, everyone can have nice things with little effort.

In this lightning talk, we will do a hands-on demo of setting up a project for component-driven design with Vite, Storybook and Twig.

See Lee’s session in the DrupalSouth schedule

Code Contribution Sprint (sponsored by PreviousNext)

Time: Friday 22nd March 09:00 - 15:00
Location: Sydney Masonic Centre

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