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Nice Things™️ for Front end devs with Storybook, Vite, Twig and Drupal

by lee.rowlands /

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In a lightning-fast video, find out how to set up a Drupal project for component-driven design with Vite, Storybook and Twig.

Front end developers outside Drupal take certain things for granted. 

Things like:

  • near instant reloading whilst developing
  • zero config setup for compiling sass/postcss and transpiling Javascript
  • tight integration with Storybook

Traditionally Drupal front-end developers wanting to make use of these tools would need to duplicate markup between Drupal and a separate design system.

This session gives an introduction to setting up the Vite Plugin Twig Drupal package, which allows Drupal front-end developers to have the same nice things. 

Watch the video

 Session recorded at DrupalSouth Sydney, March 2024.

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