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Drupal Community

Starshot and Experience Builder

Last week, I attended DrupalCon Portland 2024, and, like many others, I was swept up in the excitement of the Starshot announcement. The PreviousNext team is ready to support this initiative, focusing our efforts on the Experience Builder project for maximum impact.

How can free open source CMSes remain competitive with enterprise clients?

With Drupal now heavily used in the enterprise market by very large organisations, much of its direct competition is from well-funded proprietary products. From the perspective of my role on the Drupal Association board, I gave a talk at FOSDEM in February 2024 on the strategies and initiatives the Drupal community is starting to put in place to remain competitive in the enterprise market and how these approaches can be shared by other open source projects. 

What if? Pitching for a Decoupled Layout Builder

It’s time to transform and improve the Layout Builder UI experience. What if we could rewrite it using React? Check out our video pitch (made using React), which received the highest average rank in the Pitch-burgh contest at DrupalCon!

Sponsoring Drupal Contribution

The Drupal open-source project relies on sustained contributions from individuals and organisations to keep it well-maintained, developing, growing and relevant in a competitive landscape.